Knowing the world is the best way to knowing our self.

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Born in Portugal in the far away year of 1974.

From an early age I love drawing and expressing myself through art, be it photography or painting.

I love traveling and meeting new cultures and people. Oriental culture and Japanese philosophy have always fascinated me and from an early age I tried to learn more about this way of life, what led me to the bushido, a practice that awakened in me the pleasure of knowing the world around me and living in harmony with people and the nature.


After secondary education I started a professional course at CENCAL in partnership with the Vista Alegre factory where I graduated in drawing and artistic painting aimed at ceramics.

I started a career as a graphic designer in several silk-screen company's  since then.

In 1994 there was no one who taught Photoshop, Illustrator and other multimedia programs, but that did not stop me! I'm an autodidact !!


The photo appears later in my life! Perhaps for lack of money to buy material, a pencil and a paper were cheaper!


But since I bought my first machine a couple of decades ago, I've never stopped. Once again, I am a self-taught person who loves to learn.


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